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Texture downscaling mode

There are situations, where large 3D models run fine on certain devices but crash the browser on other ones. One could argue that just decreasing the quality of the model will do the trick, but this will also decrease the quality on devices, which would be capable of running the "good" model.

For this use case we have introduced a feature, which conditionally loads lower quality textures. The limitTextureSize option is a Spec setting, which can be set when creating the Spec or overwritting the auto-generated one.

You can choose between texture sizes of 512 and 1024 pixels and if you want to limit all device or just iPhones. The "iPhone" option has been added, since this device was causing the most troubles in practice.

You can also implement your own devices checks and activate the limitTextureSize feature correspondingly.

Texture downscaling in GLB Export for AR

It can certainly happen, that models that are loaded and exported fine, will crash the browser when the exported model gets opened in an AR endpoint. Let's say the model gets exported on a stable desktop device with 2K textures and should be shown on an older iPhone. The AR scene will probably not work due to the large texture sizes.

In order to avoid this issue, the GLB export for AR (optimizeForAR set to true) will always create an export with a maximum texture size of 1024. Furthermore this limitation will reduce the time needed for exporting, uploading the GLB on an AR endpoint and opening this AR endpoint, whilst the quality reduction shouldn't make an impact on mobiles.

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