Type alias CameraDefinition

CameraDefinition: { active?: boolean; fov?: number; target?: string; type: "arc" }

Type declaration

  • Optional active?: boolean
  • Optional fov?: number

    fov or "Field Of View" defines as it says the view of the scene. Further information about its theory and implementation.

  • Optional target?: string

    target overrides arc´s position and repositions the camera. The string has the syntax (x?: number, y?: number, z?: number) like Vector3.

  • type: "arc"

    arc is a default camera position where the 3D-model is the center and the camera rotates around the 3D-model. More Information about arc in ArcRotateCamera.

    NOTE: While "baked" camera definitions from a GLB or babylon file can currently not be instatiated within the Specification, it's still possible to use them in the viewer.
    For the moment all camera definitions inside these files are automatically added to the scene and can be actived using the switchCamera function.
    The newCamera input has to match the name of the camera node inside the GLB/babylon file.

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