Type alias AnimationDefinition

AnimationDefinition: GSAPTweenVars & { shortestWay?: boolean }

See GSAP API Docs for description of GSAPTWeenVars.

You can use the GreenSock Ease Visualizer to create an animation of your liking and simply copy the ease function shown at the bottom of the visualizer into the ease property of your AnimationDefinition.

The GSAPTWeenVars are extended by the shortestWay property.
This property defines if the camera should move to the target position within the shortest possible distance.
If shortestWay is false, the camera moves the whole difference between the current camera position and the target position and that could be > 360, which can appear very unconvenient to the operator.
The default value of this flag is true.

Example usage in SceneJson.animations:

// ...
scene: {
// ...
animations: {
DefaultCameraAnimation: {
ease: 'Power3.easeInOut',
duration: 0.8,
// ...
// ...

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